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The Leadership Institute is a virtual "School of Disciple Building" patterned after Christ's ministry with the Twelve and implemented in small cohorts of leaders in the local church. The Leadership Institute focuses on a transformational discipleship process supported by strong relationships with mentors and other students as well as an approach driven by rapid application of concepts. Gather your own cohort and begin a one-year journey of growth to begin discipling others using the methods of Jesus.

Who Should Enroll?

The Leadership institute is designed for progressive leadership growth. It is an ideal leadership development platform for pastors, elders, missionaries, lay leaders, and believers interested in ministering to others. You can enroll as "student" taking the course, a "cohort leader" leading others through the course, or a "course mentor" responsible for personally mentoring a student during the course.

What Makes the WDA Leadership Institute Different?
We have built every lesson around the 5 disciple building initiative of Jesus. We call this our R-CAPS architecture.

R- Jesus built relationships with his disciples.
C- Jesus gave the disciples progressive content appropriate to their maturity.
A- Jesus held the disciples accountable to do truth, not just to learn truth.
P- Jesus prayed for his disciples.
S- Jesus put the disciple in situations that stretched them and facilitated growth.

How Does it Work?

This course is built around relationships. Students interact deeply with each other in cohorts, with cohort leaders, and with individual mentors throughout the course.  All content is arranged progressively based on the flow of content Jesus used. We have built each lesson with application in mind. Accountability is part of the group experience. Finally, we require student to develop a personal disciple-building ministry during the course which creates appropriate growth situations and prepares them for higher levels of ministry.
Learn more about RCAPS by reading: Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework.



WDA’s mission is to serve the church worldwide by developing Christlike character in people and equipping them to disciple others according to the pattern Jesus used to train His disciples.

We envision a worldwide network of interconnected ministries committed to the ongoing process of Christlike sanctification and renewal, and staffed by teams of leaders who are trained using a biblical pattern of discipleship.


Train up mature local leaders in your church or ministry who are able to train others.


Equip your ministry leaders with simple, progressive tools which promote growth and maturity.


Consult with WDA to design and build a culture of discipleship in your church or ministry.


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